MTNA Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence

MTNA Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence

Marangoni Tread North America (MTNA) recently commemorated 40 years of Ringtread excellence with a celebration at the company’s headquarters in Madison, Tennessee.

The very first RINGTREAD was manufactured on April 27, 1976, in Ferentino, Italy. Since then, the RINGTREAD has achieved world-wide recognition and fleets around the globe are reaping the benefits of the splice-Less, double contoured precured tread.

The American made RINGTREAD was first manufactured at the Madison, Tennessee facility on April 27th, 2004. Since then, Marangoni Tread North America has produced and sold millions of rings and as a result has achieved a 5% market share within the North American market.

In a celebration with the Marangoni Tread N.A. employees, CEO and President Bill Sweatman spoke with pride to his team.

“Today we celebrate 40 years of excellence and although the Ring of 40 years ago was a quality leap in retread technology, the Ring of today is even better. Our new Extreme Performance line is setting new records for reliability, durability, mileage, traction, fuel economy, appearance and ride.I would also like to celebrate and recognise all of you for your continued commitment to manufacturing excellence”

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