Full Interview with Ingo Riederberger Live on Youtube Channel


In Episode 31 of The Retreadcast the Publisher of Retreading Business, David Wilson spoke to the Director for Koelnmesse, Ingo Riederberger about the upcoming Tire Cologne Show for 2024. As promised the full unedited interview is available for you now.

Watch the Full Interview Here

During the interview Ingo covers the following areas: key benefits for exhibitors, circular economy concept and how interested parties can get involved at The Tire Cologne in 2024.


00:00 Interview Part 1 with Ingo Riederberger, Director at Koelnmesse

00:45 Why are Koelnmesse focusing on the circular economy at The Tire Cologne in 2024?

02:47 Ingo Riederberger talks about the key benefits for exhibitors at The Tire Cologne

04:10 What opportunities are there for exhibitors to participate in the trade fair in terms of events and content?

06:00 How can exhibitors arrange meetings in the context of the circular economy area at The Tire Cologne?

06:58 Ingo Riederberger discusses the market response to the circular economy concept at The Tire Cologne.

08:28 How can interested parties get involved in The Tire Cologne 2024?

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