Retreading Conference Tyrexpo Asia 2023

At TyrExpo Asia 2023 Retreading Business joined forces with exhibition organisers Tarsus Exhibitions to put together a half-day conference for the South-East Asian retreading industry focusing on some of the key trends in retreading markets around the world as well as on key issues of interest to retreaders such as how to make your retread plant more efficient and how to incorporate retreading into a successful fleet maintenance strategy.

Presentations and Video Now Available

Since the conference, we have received many requests to supply copies of the presentations. All the speaker presentations are therefore available for download via the links below.


Chris Bloor (GITI Tire)

Global and Regional Dynamics in the Retreading Sector


Edmund Wong (TRMAM)

The Current Trends and Challenges of the Retreading Market in Malaysia.


Karun Sanghi (TREA)

Perspectives on the Indian Retreading Market.


David Stevens (TRIB)

An Overview of the Retreading Market in North America


Brian Barron (Vaculug)

How to Optimise Efficiencies in Your Retread Plant.


Michael Hutt (Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group)

The successful inclusion of retreading into a fleet management programme.

Part 1

Part 2



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