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This news section will allow you to find out about takeovers, mergers, acquisitions and other business news within the global retreading sector.

India’s largest retreading solutions company, Elgi Rubber Company Ltd has indicated that it plans to sell its consumables range in the open market within India from 2020 onwards.

Kal Tire has announced the certification of a new carbon calculator. Click here to read more about the development.

Heriberto Romero, Director of Hules Banda, spoke at the recent Latin Tyre Expo

BRV Managing Director Hans-Jürgen Drechsler gives a positive view of prospects for the truck retread market.

BR Pneumatici, one of the major retreaders in Italy, plans to increase production from 21,000 tyres in 2018 to 23,000 tyres in 2019. 

Kenya remains one of the biggest retread markets in East Africa, controlled almost 100% by the Indian settlers.

A focus on the disconnect between the tyre industry and the retreading industry on sustainability.

Despite stiff competition Elgi Rubber Company Limited continues to hold its turf in the Kenyan market.

Following the reorganisation that led to the release of Marangoni Meccanica from Marangoni group, T.R.M. has issued a statement clarifying its position.

Local press in Northern Italy has reported that Marangoni Meccanica is to be separated from the main body of the Marangoni Group.

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