Marangoni’s Turkish Dealers Look at Fleet Advantage Service

A delegation of Marangoni retreaders from the Turkish truck tyre sector have made a fact-finding visit to Italy to make an in-depth examination of the company’s approach to fleet tyre management.

A group of 19 experts from eight of the country’s leading retread companies jetted to Italy to attend a five-day demonstration of Marangoni’s “Fleet Advantage” tyre management service, which also included a visit to the Marangoni Retreading Systems plant in Ferentino. The main goal of the initiative was to experience the fleet tyre management option developed by Marangoni Group company specialist Fedi Gomme, which is claimed to offer exceptional value to fleet managers by ensuring efficient vehicle operation while reducing and variabilising tyre running and maintenance costs. The management system is also claimed to offer a positive impact on indirect costs affected by regular maintenance, including fuel consumption and vehicle downtime. The trip, from October 3 to 7, proved a great opportunity for the Turkish partners to make repeat visits to fleets serviced by the “Fleet Advantage” programme, which helped the party gain a much greater knowledge of how the services are provided.

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