New Long Haul Tread Designs from Marangoni

Marangoni Retreading Systems have announced the addition of two new products to the company’s RINGTREAD Blackline range of pre-cured treads. The new RTL FE and RDL FE are fuel efficient designs that deliver the all-around best compromise to over the road fleets in traction, fuel saving and mileage, in long haul application.

Specialist engineers at the company estimate the ranges offer fuel savings of as much as 4% per vehicle per year, if applied on top grade rolling resistance casings: approximately €1,680 (or £1,465) per truck per year.

The company’s new RINGTREAD Blackline RTL FE is a brand new innovative Marangoni original design that features 11.5 mm tread, wide shoulders, a solid footprint and utilises a unique wide and small groove combination to deliver minimised high-spec rolling resistance performance. When retreaded on a low rolling resistance casing, it performs to an “A” labelling level - the maximum fuel saving obtained from any performance tyre.

RTL FE is available to fit any 385/55R22.5 or 385/65R22.5 casing.

The second new offering from the company comes via another Marangoni original design: the RINGTREAD Blackline RDL FE. The latest evolution of the successful RINGTREAD ENERGECO range offers a 16.5 mm tread depth, a compact footprint plus a directional pattern designed for greater traction, increased resistance to wear, noise reduction, comfort and 3PMSF approval. This product brings improved mileage replacement rates, features tied-open shoulders, and three central lines of narrow blocks divided by shape optimised sides that specially limit irregular wear caused by torque increases. When retreaded on a low rolling resistance casing, the RDL FE performs to a “C” labelling level, ensuring significant fuel economy savings from a 3PMSF winter condition tyre.

RDL FE is available to fit any 315/70R22.5, 295/60R22.5 or 315/60R22.5 casing.

Marangoni Retreading Systems designed both products with a new ‘generation’ compound, able to deliver extra economic benefits to fleet managers. Both patterns were driven by Marangoni’s desire to add extra value for money to their range of products in light of fuel increases caused by global uncertainty.


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