Akarmak Promotes AKR 550 Cushion Gum Extruder Builder

AKR 550 Cushion Gum Extruder Builder

Turkey based retreading equipment manufacturer Akarmak has recently developed a cushion gum extruder with pre-cured tread builder machine, AKR550.


The machine aims to bring significant cost savings and benefits to users including:


  • Automatic cushion gum application and pre-cured tread building at a single station

  • End of cement use

  • Automatic cushion gum filling up to 6 mm

  • Great savings with material and labuor

  • Higher quality retreads


The machine is designed to offer a good return on investment for for retreaders who retread 500 tyres and above and can be used at retreading plants with monthly volume of as much as 2,000 tyres.


Akarmak has already supplied some units around the world, and the company says the newly developed technology has been well received by the retreading market.


“Akarmak is proud to offer this cost efective machine to the industry, which has been going through some turbulance in the past few years, to help retreaders to lower their cost to increase their margins,” said the company.


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