Presti Introduces SureSeal Ring 16.5/16.0



On February 2017, Presti Industries started shipping its new SureSeal Ring size 16.5/16.0.  Presti originally started producing its SureSeal Rings in 2005.  The SureSeal Ring is an “active-seal” rimless system which is 100% compatible with Bandag’s ARC System. 

Barry Presti, Managing Partner at Presti Industries explained the difference between Bandag’s original ARC System and the Presti SureSeal, “In my opinion Bandag revolutionized the retreading industry in the late 1980s when they launched their (patented) ARC System.  The ARC System enabled Bandag retreaders to decrease cycle times, which made them significantly more productive, lower cost and improve profitability.  The ARC System is one of the technological edges Bandag had over its competitors and contributed significantly to their decades of market dominance.  Bandag developed the original ARC rubber ring for their low temperature system (100°C).  The original ARC rubber ring was compression muold with a seamed joint to form the ring.  The Presti SureSeal Rubber Ring is formulated to work in both high and low temperature systems.  Our SureSeal is an injection moulded seamless rubber ring.  The SureSeal will outperform Bandag’s original ARC ring by more than three-one in a low temperature system.  We now manufacture the SureSeal Ring in 24.5/24.0, 22.5/22.0, 20.0, 19.5, 17.5/17.0 & 16.5/16.0 rim sizes.

For more information about the SureSeal Ring, email Presti Industries at, visit their website at or call +1.215.444.9901.

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