Robbins Introduces Accu-Fit Sealing Ring System

Robbins Accu-Fit

Robbins LLC, a HEXPOL Company, recently announced the introduction of its new Accu-Fit Sealing Ring System.

“After numerous requests from our customers and extensive research and development, we are proud to introduce this revolutionary new rubber sealing ring system to the market”, said Terry Elgin, Managing Director of Robbins LLC.

These new patent-pending sealing rings bring a number of unique features to the envelope sealing ring market and aim to ease the burden on retread plants worldwide, both in terms of ease of use and total cost of operation.

The Accu-Fit Sealing Rings come in two parts. Firstly, there is the Sealing Ring Base. Over the base, the user will fit the sealing ring Insert. By having a separate base and insert, the user will save money by only having to replace the actual wear part of the sealing ring. In addition, the insert is easy to install on envelopes, easy to handle, and comes with a “wear indicator” which will tell the user when to replace the insert.

Offered in a variety of sizes from 14 inch to 24.5 inch, the Accu-Fit Sealing Ring products are made to fit over all the popular existing metal rings currently used with traditional, single-piece rubber sealing rings. This retro-fit feature means that conversion to the Robbins LLC Accu-Fit Sealing Rings is seamless and painless while providing for immediate opportunities to start saving money in today’s challenging retread plant environment. Installation of the Accu-Fit Sealing Ring Base and Insert is extremely easy with minimal effort.

Robbins expects that the Insert will outperform existing sealing rings in terms of number of cures. Once the “wear indicator” bands show that replacement is suggested, the user simply replaces the insert with a new one. These inserts are lower in price, thus starting the savings process. As soon as the user installs the replacement insert, they will have saved money in comparison with buying two regular rings. Testing suggests an annual savings of 25% or more on a user’s rubber sealing ring expenses. In addition, this system aims to save time and the environment by having less landfill waste.

The system is available now. End users can contact their favourite Robbins distributor.

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