Vacu-Lug Starts Manufacturing of Hankook’s Alphatread Range

Hankook’s Alphatread truck tyre range has stated production at Vacu-Lug’s factory in Grantham.

Production of Hankook’s Alphatread truck tyre range, which is known as an environmentally-sound bead-to-bead retread option has begun at the Vacu-Lug factory located in Grantham.

Designed for medium haul fleets, the range consists of four sizes. For drive axles, the R-DH05 is available in 295/80R22.5, 315/80R22.5 and 315/70R22.5 and for trailer axles, the R-TH22 is available in 385/65R22.5.

The R-DH05 pattern mirrors Hankook’s existing DH05 pattern and makes use of a unique compound to provide high levels of wet and dry performance, enhanced stability, a reduction in uneven wear and its new tear-resistant tread design aids a reduction in delamination.

The Alphatread range, which is constructed using Hankook’s first-life A1 grade tyres only, has been designed to meet customer demands for reducing fleet running costs and to provide end users with a ‘cradle to grave’ tyre solution.

As a leading player in the UK retreading industry, Vacu-Lug has long championed the benefits of using retreads. Not only are they produced to the same ECE109 standards as new tyres, the use of retreads means that operators can reduce their fleet’s tyre expenditure, whilst simultaneously reducing the effect their transport operations have on the environment.

For example, the production of a retread truck tyre requires 68 litres less oil than that of a new tyre and Vacu-Lug’s factory works to constantly reduce their carbon emissions. This can be demonstated with the company investing significantly in reducing its energy use with a 16% reduction in electricity use and a 14% reduction in gas use within three years.

“With many uncertainties within the tyre market at the moment, there has never been a better time to invest in a retread tyre. We are pleased to be working closely alongside Hankook to assist them with developing their own retread range, which will ultimately save operators money and benefit the environment for all,” states Tim Hercock, Managing Director at Vacu-Lug.

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