Recamic Works D Tread Pattern Available

Recamic Works D

In Germany Recamic, the pre-cured retreading brand owned by the Michelin Group, have made a new tread pattern available for the drive axles of construction vehicles. The Recamic Workd D tread pattern is available with immediate effect in widths ranging from 240 to 270 mm.

Optically the Recamic Works D tread pattern corresponds to the Michelin X Works D tyre. In comparison to its direct predecessor Recamic XDY4, the new generation pattern offers increased tread depth of 22 mm and comes with M+S markings as well as the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) designation.

The Recamic Works D is available immediately through certified Recamic partners Pneuhage Reifendienste GmbH, Reifenhaus Caspar Wrede, Reifen Lorenz, Reifen Simon and R&A Slowinski GmbH.

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