EC Confirms Anti-Dumping Measures

The European Commission has bow formally announced the expected provisional Anti-Dumping measures against Chinese TBR imports. The Document L116/8 of dated yesterday 7 May introduces the EU regulation 2018/683 of 4th May 2018.

In its ruling The EC imposes a surcharge of 52,85€ to 82,17 €/Tyre for all Chinese imports (depending on the individual brand) starting from 7 May 2018 for a period of 6 months or until a final decision is taken on the issue by the Anti-Dumping committee of the EC. The full report on the Commission’s findings can be found in the Official Journal of the EU (in your individual language) under

BIPAVER, which has played a leading role in the complaint was naturally delighted with the result. “This long time expected result shows that the constant engagement of all involved parties finally payed out and on behalf of the BIPAVER board we would like to explicitly thank everybody who actively participated for their support. Let’s hope that a similar, consistent decision will also be taken in November by the EC and that the installed taxes will help to improve the sales and acceptance of retreaded tyres for the sake of our industry, the circular economy and the environment,” said the Federation in a statement.

The individual surcharges per tyre imposed by manufacturer were as follows:


Xingyuan Group 82.17€

Giti Tire 57.42€

Aeolus 64.13€

Hankook 52.85€

Other co-operating companies 62.79€

Others 82.17€


The section labelled “other Co-operating Companies” includes a large number of key Chinese manufacturers including major players such as Zhongce (Westlake), Sailun, Doublestar, Linglong, Triangle, and Double Coin.

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