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Marangoni Confirms Talks with Dmack

Marangoni deal with Dmack

Marangoni SpA has confirmed that it is in talks with UK-based motorsport tyre manufacturer Dmack with regards to concluding a deal which would see Dmack producing racing tyres at the Italian company’s Rovereto facility in Northern Italy.

Dmack Rumours Confirmed

Marangoni is currently remaining tight-lipped about the finer details of the talks but has conceded that the move is part of an overall strategy to develop a rubber and tyre technology hub at the Rovereto site and to develop partnerships with other relevant parties from within the wider tyre sector.

An example of this is the recently concluded strategic agreement with Directa Plus with regards to graphene-based products in order to improve the performance of Marangoni compounds in the retreading sector.

In the meantime, Marangoni have confirmed that retreading will remain a core activity at the Rovereto site.

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