Akarmak Offers Increased Efficiencies for Small and Medium Sized Retreaders

AKR 550

Akarmak’s AKR550 Cushiongum Extruder with Precured Tread Builder machine addresses the main topic: “Better; Faster; Cheaper” which was the key area of focus at the Asian Retread Conference at the start of October.

Akarmak Offers Efficiency Benefits with AKR 550

In particular, the machine offers:

 - Better: Better and higher quality retreaded tyres – automatic cushiongum filling; low failure retreaded tyres.

- Faster: Faster and quicker operation time – 15 minute labour savings compared to traditional manual cushiongum and tread building applications in two separate station.

- Cheaper: Lower material and labour costs – 5 Euro per tyre in terms of material cost savings as well as the end of cement use. All in all, the AKR550 has been addressing many challenges retreaders around the world have been facing in the past several years. Akarmak has completed a field study to measure the productivity and efficiency of the AKR550, and the result has proved that retreaders have achieved 15 min of labour saving and 5 Euro per tyre savings in terms of money by using the AKR550. The return on investment for a retreader with just over 1000 tyres per month volume is just over 12 months. 

The extruder cushiongum application is not new method for the industry. However, according to Akarmak, the AKR550 has changed the rules of the game in a way that a cushiongum extruder machine is no longer beyond the means of small and mid size retreaders. While only high volume (min 2,000 tyres and above per month) retreaders used to be able to afford a cushiongum extruder machine supplied by a main single source/brand, Akarmak is now able to offer a more affordable cushiongum extruder and precured tread builder in a single station. Akarmak says it has sold the AKR550 machine to customers starting at 500 tyres per month all the way up to 2,000 tyres per month.  

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