Marangoni’s RINGTREAD Wins the Trust of GLOBAL


In 2000, Salcai Utinsa S.A. (Global) was established from the merger of the two main intercity transport companies of the island of Gran Canaria: Salcai and Utinsa. Global has a team of nearly 800 employees and a fleet of more than 300 buses that travel 27 million kilometres a year, on the 120 routes covering the entire island. Several new generation buses have been recently added to the fleet, with enhanced engine power for driving on mountain roads.

Spanish Bus Fleet Trusts in Marangoni

Global is an environmentally and socially responsible company, constantly focused on meeting the needs of its customers and of the community in which it operates. Special attention is paid to solutions aimed at protecting the environment, also in terms of circular economy, a subject that local residents feel very strongly about. The corporate value system and the desire to offer an increasingly efficient service have driven the company to seek sustainable solutions in order to improve the mileage performance of its fleet, using high-quality retreaded tyres manufactured with Marangoni materials and technologies.

Olegario Gonzalez Peña, Global’s Maintenance Manager, was satisfied with the performance of the RINGTREAD tyres . He said: “Many of the routes our buses travel on are quite challenging, with numerous hairpin bends. Another factor influencing the tread wear rate is the presence on the tarmac of volcanic ash typically found in the Canary Islands. Despite these difficult conditions of use, RINGTREAD BUS100 has proven to be the ideal product for our needs, since it offers the same level of performance and safety as the new premium tyres. Thanks to the exceptional performance of the RINGTREAD BUS100 tread, Global has improved mileage performance by 15% compared to previous tyres.”

This success story is also the result of the partnership between Marangoni and Boleca , the retreading company that provides Global with all requested services, including tyre fleet management, which is an important aspect for public fleets.

The ongoing communication campaign with advertising on the fleet’s buses focuses on the RINGTREAD, with its benefits in terms of safety and reduced environmental impact. Marangoni recommends all-position and all-season RINGTREAD BUS100 tyres for both city and intercity buses. Reinforced and stabilised tread blocks ensure traction, road grip and regular wear.

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