Galgo Expands Range with New Winter Mileage Design and Additional Trailer Axle Sizes

Galgo Pre-Q

Tread manufacturer Galgo has announced the introduction of a new Winter Mileage Performance (WMP) tread design and three new sizes in its trailer axle product line.

Extended Tread Design Range from Galgo


The WMP tread is Galgo’s new winter mileage product and is claimed to be one of the best options for regional applications.

The grooved block design of the WMP tread is aligned with the rotation of the rim, which ultimately helps reduce rolling resistance. This unique design also provides better traction in mud and on snow covered roads, and special design features, such as union bridges between blocks, which help reduce uneven wear.

The WMP design is currently available in a width of 10 5/8” (270 mm), and a depth of 27.5/32” (22 mm), and will soon be available in widths of 9 7/8” (250 mm), 10 2/8” (260 mm) and 11” (280 mm), with a depth of 27.5/32” (22mm).

Meanwhile, Galgo has also expanded its Trailer Axle (TA) product line to include three new sizes.

This Pre-Q brand tread design, which has been developed for freeway application, is now available in widths of 9 4/8” (240 mm), 9 7/8” (250 mm) and 11 3/8” (290 mm), and a depth of 12/32” (9.5 mm).

Due to its design features, the TA tread offers customers worldwide an additional light band option, while delivering outstanding performance to free axles, and providing excellent mileage and even wear, as a result of its lateral buttress ribs. In addition, the TA tread design has been awarded SmartWay Certification due to its ability to provide lower rolling resistance, lessen fuel consumption, and reduce greenhouse gas effects.

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