3CSAD Benefit from Marangoni Applications in North Moravia


Moravian company 3ČSAD is engaged in the transportation of goods, which makes 30% of their turnover, and in passenger transportation, which accounts for more than 50% of the company’s business. The company is also engaged in passenger urban transport, interurban transports, and discretionary passenger transport, making it one of the biggest transport groups in their operational area of Northern Moravia.

Marangoni Succeeds in Moravian Market

The company also operates its IVECO, SOR, Kögel, Mercedes and Volvo service business, its own retreading shop, and also works hand in hand with renowned tyre dealers.

3ČSAD owns a modern fleet of 350 buses, of which 60% use methane gas, and 115 tankers, mainly Volvo, which are engaged in ADR transport of liquids. All vehicles are serviced internally within the group. The company also has its own cold retreading shop in Havířov equipped with Marangoni machinery.

The precured treads that had been previously used by 3ČSAD were too heavy for the 285/70R19.5 size. For this reason, Marangoni analysed the actual tread patterns used on this specific small size. After testing the PRL DA4S pattern, the company found that it offers greater mileage compared to other patterns previously used, while ensuring greater comfort for drivers, good performance, and regular tread wear.

Lumír Komendir, Manager at 3ČSAD, stresses the importance of safety, efficiency, a light tread, and excellent performance in different conditions when it comes to choosing the right tread pattern. After a long period of time using Marangoni’s machinery and being ably supported by Marangoni’s technical department, 3ČSAD decided to expand their business with Marangoni and started to use their precured retreading materials. The trust and confidence that was developed over time, has placed Marangoni in an ideal position to offer extra services to 3ČSAD, that they knew they could depend on.

Komendir also stated: “PRL DA4S is the best solution for the specific size of our gas-fuelled SOR buses. All of our drivers have been very impressed since we’ve switched to Marangoni. We were delighted to discover that Marangoni provides the best retreading solutions at all times and are particularly adapted to our specific needs.”

Marangoni recommends PRL DA4S, an intercity bus drive tyre design for long-haul applications. The design features superior directional control, silent operation, braking stability, traction and efficient snow and water drainage.

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