Vellco Assures Quality Europe-Wide Service Regardless of the Outcome of Brexit


Vellco Tyre Control has clarified it will be able to continue to provide its products and services to the same high level in the case of a “no-deal Brexit”, regardless of the potential turbulent post-Brexit environment.

Brexit Assurances from Vellco

The uncertain situation regarding the Brexit process is raising concerns among British manufacturers, both in terms of the import and export of goods. According to the European Commission, in the case of a no-deal Brexit, any company that sells, buys, or moves goods into or out of the UK is likely to face the burden of increased customs formalities, customs duties/tariffs, and other restrictions. So, in case of a “hard” Brexit, UK-based customers may potentially be discouraged from importing casings from the EU.

However, since Vellco is a UK-based supplier, it will not be subject to customs checks or extra tariff charges for distribution within the UK, highlighting the company’s stable position for British retreaders as a supplier of quality casings.

On the other hand, Vellco’s well established distribution processes and networks throughout Europe make it the ideal partner for EU based businesses too. With numerous contacts throughout the European Union, Vellco has, over the years, been able benefit from shorter transit times and lower transport costs by effectively managing and optimising delivery routes between its customers and partners across the EU. All of this means that the distribution and supply of Vellco’s casings across the European markets is guaranteed in any case, whilst also minimising the risk of increased customs tariffs and restrictions.

On top of all this, the company has been working in the industry for 70 years, distributing casings for all kinds of applications (OTR, Passenger, 4x4, Truck & Bus, and Agricultural), which has aided the organisation in developing a wide berth of experience in importing and exporting casings from markets much further afield from the European Union.

Joe Fell, General Manager of the company, stated: “Brexit has the potential to cause ill-prepared firms and markets a multitude of problems. Luckily, with the experience we have attained over the years and the contacts and relationships we have fostered, we are ideally prepared for any change in commercial trading conditions.”

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