BIPAVER Expands Member Base


The European retreading association BIPAVER was able to achieve almost a full house for its annual general meeting, which this time took place during Autopromotec in Bologna on May 23.

BIPAVER Assembly Held at Autopromotec

In attendance were all the established as well as several new members. Indeed, the Association reported that it has been able to extend its membership base with the addition of new supplier member EIB from Portugal and individual retreader members Tatko 1927 (Turkey), Gjerde & Byhring (Norway), Green Tread subsidiary AS Vevid (Estonia), and UAB Ratola (Lithuania).

On the agenda were a number of key topics of interest to the sector, including the current impact of the anti-dumping / subsidy measures that have come into force, the future direction, organisation and priorities of BIPAVER, as well as their realisation within the scope of the existing association budget and resources.

The members unanimously noted a positive but varying effect with regards to the import duties imposed, although it was clear that this would only result in a period of "catching up" for the retreading industry. The expected "second wave" of imports, after the relocation of the production sites of the Chinese tyre manufacturers outside China, but also other non-European countries, requires a corresponding preparation on the part of the industry.

In addition to the continued use of the current debate around the topics of the "circular economy" and "CO2 reduction", the professionalisation of the lobbying, sales and marketing activities of the industry, the associations and the individual retreaders, it was agreed to keep an eye on current and future developments in EU and ECE legislation and to take the necessary measures to ensure that they are mastered by the industry.

Since the temporary appointment of Technical Adviser Michael Schwämmlein expires at the end of August and the current Technical Secretary Hans-Jürgen Drechsler (BRV, Germany) retires at the beginning of 2020, BIPAVER's Executive and Secretariat has proposed a new organisational structure. This provides for a resurgence of a "technical committee" that will supervise technical and regulatory issues. This will be coordinated by Schwämmlein as the new Technical Secretary, succeeding Drechsler, who will continue to provide the interface to ETRTO / ETRMA.

Christoph Priewasser, product manager at Kraiburg Austria, was the representative of the association at UNECE in Geneva, while general secretary Tim van der Rijken (VACO Netherlands) and the current board consisting of Jukka Lankolainen, board member (AUTONRENGASLIITTO, Finland) and Tim Hercock, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (RMA UK), remain in office. The proposed new organisational structure as well as a moderate adjustment to membership fees was accepted by the members, and a special thanks was proposed to Hans-Jürgen Drechsler, for his 25-year support as Technical Secretary and to Michael Schwämmlein, for his work as a technical consultant.The next General Assembly of BIPAVER is planned in the context of "The Tire Cologne" in June 2020.


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