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Marangoni Wins Over Altrans

Marangoni Wins Altrans

Marangoni Retreading Systems is achieving success with Spanish logistics operation Altrans thanks to the latter’s use of Marangoni’s RINGTREAD Blackline RDR HM3 tread.

Spanish Haulier Commits to RINGTREAD

According to a press statement by Marangoni, the Galician logistics operator uses on a combination of 60% new tyres and 40% retreads and mounts Marangoni’s Blackline RDR HM3 on the drive axle, mainly for the size 315/80R22.5. This RINGTREAD premium product is mostly recommended for regional and long-haul applications.

Altrans transports hundreds of tons of merchandise every day along the roads of Europe and North Africa. Since its foundation in 1983, the company provides a myriad of transportation services such as distribution, transportation of hazardous goods, warehousing, and customs. In order to fulfil these challenging tasks, the company must rely on the best quality tyres.

“Trust is the basic pillar in a sector that cannot afford the slightest unforeseen issue,” said Luis Álvarez, manager at Altrans. “In times where any stock is practically zero, the supply chain cannot have any margin of error. Effectiveness and guaranteed compliance are essential needs. For this reason, we’re glad to operate on Blackline RDR HM3, which has an increased mileage of 20% compared to other retreading brands. This Marangoni RINGTREAD pattern has improved mileage and therefore reduced our operation costs, especially for groupage, full and part-load services,” Álvarez concluded.

Altrans’ provider is Louzán S.L., founded in the 1940s in Galicia, with tyre retreading as its core business. Over the years the company has expanded its business offering by adding other services for fleets, also opening ten sales outlets that ensure extensive territorial coverage and allow the company to promptly respond to customer requests. Louzán became a member of the Marangoni RINGTREAD network in 2016.

Jesus Louzan from Louzan SL is pictured here (left) with Luis Alvarez from Altrans.

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