NeroForce Introduces New Product Catalogue

NeroForce range

NeroForce, the recently founded company based in Leipheim, Germany, has announced the availability of its first product catalogue.

New Range Specified by NeroForce

In addition to the new Chrome Carbide and Steel Shot Carbide grinding tools, the range also includes buffing blades, grinding stones and tyre paint as well as the American grinding tools from Saburrtooth and wire brushes from the Italian manufacturer SIT. With this extensive range of tools for retreaders, the company is taking off and sending its sales force to the front to build, convince and expand its customer base.

NeroForce says it is breaking new ground in the coating of Chrome Carbides by dispensing with the usual varnishing of grinding tools for optical and corrosion-protection reasons, especially as this paint badly blunts the sharp edges of the carbide coating. Instead, NeroForce uses an elaborate "chrome-like" special metal coating preserving the sharp edges and at the same time offering optimum corrosion protection.

The High Carbon Steel buffing blades are hardened during production in a very complex and unique process. In addition to the use of high-quality High Carbon Steel, a major difference at NeroForce is that, contrary to the process normally applied by the competition, each blade is fixed individually and undergoes the hardening process in a controlled manner. In the end, this leads to a very homogeneous heat treatment of each individual tooth and the buffing blade itself, which significantly extends the service life. A visible effect is that these blades, in addition to the popular blue colouring known from before, remain absolutely flat and are not slightly bent.

Martin Kalagin, one of the two founders of NeroForce, emphasises plans for the future expansion of the product range: "We are only at the beginning of our product portfolio and will be developing further improved tools for the professional retreading market in many areas as early as next year, because there is great potential for progress through innovation.”

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