B&J Rocket Now Offering Regrooving Blades


As part of B&J Rocket's global "Retreading is Recycling" campaign, the company is now offering regrooving blades for truck tyres and emphasising to customers that, provided that the tyres are suitable for regrooving, 4 regrooved tyres will save an entire tyre in terms of mileage achieved.

B&J Expands Offering to Include Regrooving Blades

This is not only good for the environment, but also for the wallet. "And incidentally, tyres can be regrooved in an efficient amount of time, making it easy for the shop to complete the work without increasing labour hours”, adds Fredy Walther, General Manager at B&J Rocket. “The time required is manageable: about 10 minutes for all longitudinal grooves or just under 30 minutes for one tyre on the drive axle.”

When regrooving, there are some important points to consider: The "REGROOVABLE" mark must be present on the sidewalls of the tyre, the tyres must be inspected beforehand for damage to the tread and sidewalls, and the depth of cut must be determined using certain indicators and measuring points in order to use the appropriate regrooving blade. Usually the longitudinal and main profile grooves are cut first followed by the cross grooves. Regrooving must be carried out by trained personnel only.

A cost calculation proves the savings, says B&J: A used tyre with 3mm residual profile can still run about 12,000 km (approx. 7,500 mi) of remaining mileage with a residual value of about 60 € (approx. 68 USD). Depending on the brand and model, the tyre manufacturer recommends a cutting depth of up to 3.5mm, so you will get approx. 6.5mm tread depth after regrooving. This increases the remaining mileage to almost 40,000 km (25,000 mi) and a residual value of about 130 € (approx. 148 USD). This results into a saving of about 70 € (80 USD) per tyre. The regrooving of truck tyres protects the environment and is completely in line with B&J Rocket's campaign motto "Retreading is Recycling".

B&J Rocket not only offers a wide range of different regrooving blades, but also the appropriate equipment from P.S.O., which Michelin recommends for their tyres as well.

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