Cost Optimisation Pushes Russian Transport Companies towards Retreading


The retreading industry in Russia has been experiencing a strong inflow of investments during recent years but is far from fully materialising its potential. The share of used tyres ending up at retreading plants is still far below than that of Europe or North America, although the market is well-protected against cheap imports.

Russian Transporters Moving towards Retreading

In the coming years, the Russian transport industry will struggle for cost optimisation and this could become an important driver of further growth in the number of retreading plants in the country. This was the view expressed by Nadezhda Churmeeva, executive director of the Russian Tyre Manufacturers Association (TMA) in a recent interview with our correspondent Vladislav Vorotnikov.

Retreading Business

Could you please tell us about TMA?

Nadezhda Churmeeva

TMA was established in October of 2012. The necessity of its foundation had been seen long before, when during several years experts from leading tyre companies had been discussing the issues important for the industry. An organization was needed that would reflect the joint opinion of the industry, and TMA has become the first professional entity uniting leading tyre manufacturers and importers operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.  Being a non-profit organisation – a voluntary alliance of tyre companies - TMA does not function instead of them but complements and multiplies their resources and opportunities. TMA’s main objective is to represent and protect the interests of its members and to support their operations in Russia for the purpose of the sustainable and effective development of the Russian tyre industry.


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About the author

Vladislav Vorotnikov is a Moscow-based journalist specialising in the automotive, agriculture and energy sectors. He reports on the tyre issues arising in the Eurasia Economy Union country members and Eastern European countries. He has been contributing to Retreading Business and Tyre and Rubber Recycling since 2014.

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