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REMA TIP TOP West GmbH and the German employers’ liability insurance association for Raw Materials and the Chemical Industry (BG RCI) have launched a joint initiative for more work safety.

Agreement Part of Vision Zero Programme

The cooperation agreement is part of the prevention strategy "VISION ZERO. Zero accidents - healthy working" of BG RCI. The aim of VISION ZERO is to create a working world without causing harm. A corresponding cooperation agreement was signed in Essen on 28 January 2020.

The cooperation partners say they are convinced that the VISION ZERO prevention strategy can ultimately prevent all accidents and occupational diseases if safety and health are recognised as fundamental values of all people and if management, executives and employees act in accordance with their responsibilities.

"For our service business and the high-quality work we do for our customers, healthy employees are the elementary component for long-term success," says Sebastian Weber, CEO of REMA TIP TOP West GmbH. In cooperation with BG RCI, measures are to be promoted to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases.

"We are convinced that we can achieve this improvement with the necessary focus. Dr. Dieter Bärhausen, Prevention Area Manager Division 2 (Chemicals - Paper - Sugar) of the BG RCI, also believes REMA TIP TOP is on the right track: "Those who think about the safety and health of their employees from the outset achieve more for their company and their economic success in the long term. Accidents at work or in road traffic and occupational diseases are neither fateful nor unavoidable - they always have causes. If we eliminate these causes together, accidents and occupational diseases can be avoided.

"VISION ZERO. Zero accidents - healthy working" is the new prevention strategy of BG RCI. With this guideline, concrete goals are formulated to reduce the risk of accidents and occupational diseases. Top priority is given to the prevention of fatal and serious accidents at work and occupational diseases. At the same time, the prevention offers and measures are to be checked for their expediency and further developed in a target-oriented and demand-oriented manner.

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