Presti Outlines Extensions to Envelope Range

M23 envelope

Presti Industries has outlined a number of additions to its range of envelopes, which the Warminster, PA based company says will help it expand its position among users of both active seal and passive seal systems.

Presti Target Double Envelope System Users

The US market has traditionally been dominated by the active seal system favoured by the likes of Bridgestone Bandag and Goodyear in North America. However, according to Darryl Presti, the company is now looking to grow in other areas with a particular focus on those that use double envelope systems, such as Michelin in North America and Europe.

With that in mind, the company is now looking to promote its M23 envelope, which is designed for passive seal systems (i.e. inner and outer envelope users). The new M23 envelope is claimed to set a new performance standard for users of the double envelope system. According to Presti, the re-engineered envelopes are significantly lighter than the originals and more elastic without there being a corresponding reduction in durability. Presti says it has optimised envelope sizing to deliver a superior fit while minimising inventory requirements of different sizes.

The M23 envelope covers up to 61% of tyres retreaded with the double envelope system in the United States.

As part of the expansion into the passive seal sector, Presti has also developed a new version of its Sureseal valve – the S2 valve – which is standard on all outer envelopes used in the double envelope system. The new large-based valves offer increased service life, vacuum faster, eliminate the need for adapters, and are approved by Michelin in North America.

Darryl Presti commented; “One of our areas of main focus is on Michelin in North America, and we are carrying out an extensive product testing and evaluation process. We are still at the early stages of this. We’re also looking to grow in Europe. Although the process has been held up somewhat this year, we now have a distributor in Turkey and are also looking to grow into the German market.”

Despite the focus on developing the passive seal market, Darryl Presti also emphasises that there is still plenty of scope for the company to increase its position among North American users of the active seal system. “We have developed an innerlope for users of the Bridgestone Bandag system as well as additional envelope sizes including the F14 envelope in 19.5” size and the G11 envelope in 16” and 16.5” sizes. We will be adding additional sizes in the future,” he said.

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