Retreadcast Interviews Employee of the Year Winner, Leo Linkesch

Leo Linkesch, the Area Manager - Retreading Systems for Marangoni SpA and a long-time collaborator with Retreading Business appeared in Episode 14 of The Retreadcast with Publisher, David Wilson.

Retreadcast Welcomes Leo Linkesch

Leo was recently awarded the Employee of the Year award at the inaugural Recircle Awards and David took the opportunity to talk about this success, whilst also discovering more about the state of retreading in Eastern Europe.


00:00​ Introduction to Full Interview with Leo Linkesch, Area Manager - Retreading Systems for Marangoni SpA

01:16 Leo's History with the Tyre Retreading Market and Experience with Retreads

04:06​ How has Tyre Retreading Developed in Eastern Europe?

06:50​ Reaction and Approach by Eastern European Retreaders to Cheap Chinese Tyres and Anti-Dumping Tarrifs

09:20 What Other Challenges do Retreaders in Eastern Europe have to Face in the Future?

12:11​ How has the Attitude of Truck Fleets Changed towards Retreading?

13:37 How has the Retreading Markets Developed in Eastern Europe?

14:55​ How do the Retreading Markets Differ in the Ex-CIS States in terms of their Character?

17:29​ Retreading Equipment and Retreading Machinery: What is the state of sales of these products in the Ex-CIS States?

20:11​ Leo's Experience of Working with Marangoni over the last 25 years and their Growth During this Time

About the author

Charlotte Nahon is the Communications and Digital Executive for Retreading Business. Since 2018, Charlotte has been in the Digital and Communications sector, working in Canada as well as Spain. Her degree is in Communication Studies from the University of Ottawa, and ever since graduating she has been writing for multiple sectors including automotive, energy, education, pharmaceuticals and more. 


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