Vipal Collaborates with Carling


Carling s.r.o, located in the city of Brno, in the Czech Republic, is one of the leading retreaders in Eastern Europe.

11 Year Collaboration in Czech Republic

With a history of almost 30 years, the company offers complete services including retreading and services for commercial tyres, mainly trucks, as well as being a firm promoter of retreading for its contribution to the Circular Economy. Carling recently invested in qualification and productive capacity by assembling a new retreading line at its unit in Brno. The factory has one of the most modern tyre buffers in Central Europe and new autoclaves with high production capacity. The company is also capable of managing seasonal fluctuations in deliveries.

In terms of tread suppliers, Carling works with some of the leading players in the European market, including Goodyear, Marangoni and Vipal, the last of which Carling has now been working with for 11 years. As a result Vipal has now issued a statement outlining the two companies’ close collaboration with regards to the Circular Economy, particularly with regards to aspects such as reduced fuel consumption, reduced ecological impact and high quality of processes. Among the main treads from Vipal used by Carling are the VT110, the RDY3 and the RZT520.


The VT110 line of the Vipal brand  (pictured here) deserves special attention as the tread is claimed to be very well suited for tyre retreading in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Developed for radial tyres mounted on drive axles, its design was created to optimise traction capacity. It´s grooves and protrusions were designed to minimise retention of rocks and objects, the VT110, also available in the ECO version, provides greater tyre casing protection. In addition, the width of the central blocks has a greater area of contact with the road to provide greater mileage, as well as more reinforced shoulders, which provide greater resistance to the blocks to avoid chunking.

“With tyre retreading, we seek to support the circular economy, improving transport quality and preserving the environment by reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere,” commented Ivo Lojda, Logistics Manager at Carling. He stated that the partnership with Vipal had been essential to achieve this objective, “The main reason is the superior business conditions built out of our long-standing partnership. The most popular products are from the tread line for regional tyres and civil construction. We believe that the European Union's support for the circular economy will increase the turnover of both companies”, he added.

According to Lojda, offering complete management of the supply, operation and maintenance of truck tyres is essential, as it becomes a basic condition for the economic success of transport companies. “We are proud to help dozens of transport companies increase their profits through tyre economy. Whether for small national companies or multinational fleets, saving operational resources is important for business continuity”, the manager concluded.

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