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Bandvulc Unveils Wastemaster 5

Bandvulc Wastemaster 5

Bandvulc has finalised its brand-new tyre for its state-of-the-art Wastemaster range after extensive testing and field trials. The Wastemaster 5 has been designed to innovate the waste sector, replacing the Wastemaster III, which has been in operation for over 20 years.

Bandvulc Rolls Out Fifth Generation Wastemaster Tyre

Marking the fifth generation of the Wastemaster tyre, the Devon-based company has been putting in the groundwork, by developing, testing and producing the tyre in its Ivybridge factory. The tyre will replace the Wastemaster III, which has proved effective in the waste sector during the last 20 years.

Tony Mailling, Operations Director at Bandvulc noted of the new development: Over the past 2 years, we have seen strong growth in the waste and construction market, which is buoyant at the moment because there’s a lot of infrastructure and housing being built. Our understanding of UK roads and vehicle operating conditions has been a key tool in our market research for this exciting new product.”

Explaining the evolution within the market, Mailing explained: The waste collection market is changing; waste is more segregated now with more collections a week and the collection vehicles are operational in all weather conditions, including sleet, snow, or heavy rain. Our roads can be subject to a lot of debris especially in urban areas so our tyres need to be equipped with features to perform for the driver in all conditions”.

Specialist waste vehicles providing kerbside waste collections and operating in recycling sites require a hardworking tyre. Tyres in this industry can be subject to sidewall damage from kerbing, tread damage from stone trapping, chip and chunking from rough surfaces, all of which can result in premature removal and not achieving the full life of the tyre.

The Wastemaster 5 retains Bandvulc’s pioneering Armorband sidewall technology which offers an additional protective layer of rubber compound on the mid to lower sidewall of the tyre. This tapered protective band adds additional protection against sidewall scrubbing, protecting against damage and prolonging the life of the tyre. The tread design on the Wastemaster 5 has also had a complete redesign to offer the new features for this sector, such as wide zig zag grooves for the excellent displacement of mud and water, stone ejection features, stepped tread blocks and additional deep pocket sipes providing excellent traction and grip in severe conditions.

The Wastemaster range has continued to evolve with the introduction of a High load version of the Wastemaster II tyre in 2019 and the 295/80R22.5 Wastemaster 5 is also available in a High Load option.

James Griffiths, Technical Manager for Bandvulc adds; “The Wastemaster 5 also bears the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol which indicates the tyre meets required performance criteria in snowy conditions and provides improved snow traction beyond a standard M+S branded all-season tyre. It was important for Bandvulc to make this investment in the tyre as it gives our customers peace of mind that the tyre will offer superior traction in all UK conditions. It also makes the tyre very flexible if we wish to sell it in Europe where 3PMSF is mandatory in some countries in the winter months.” Griffiths added that the feedback was extremely positive from the drivers who undertook the Wastemaster 5 trial.

Tony Maillling concluded the launch of the new tyre by saying: “Launching a new tyre says a great deal to both our customers and our workforce about our investment in the future because it costs money to develop new tyres. We’re very proud of this new tyre and of the teamwork and collaboration demonstrated by our people to make it happen.”

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