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Recircle Awards 2021: Awards Ceremony

The inaugural Recircle Awards for 2021 happened over a week ago now, but in case you still haven’t seen our full awards ceremony it is available on our Youtube Channel.

Recircle Awards 2021 Virtual Ceremony on Youtube

The full Recircle Awards Virtual Ceremony is available here:


00:00 Opening Credits

00:43 Introduction to the Inaugural Virtual Ceremony for the Recircle Awards

04:32 Comment from David Wilson, Managing Director of Valebridge Media Services and Publisher of Retreading Business and Tyre & Rubber Recycling

05:37 Winner Announcement: Best Tread Rubber Supplier Award

06:24 Winner Announcement: Best Tyre Recycling Industry Supplier Award

07:02 Winner Announcement: Best Retreading Equipment & Accessory Supplier Award

07:40 Winner Announcement: Best Casing and Tyre Disposal Services Provider Award

08:27 Winner Announcement: Best Tyre Derived Recycled Product Award

09:09 Winner Announcement: Best Retreading Industry Innovation Award

09:55 Winner Announcement: Best New Innovation in Tyre Recycling Award

10:37 Winner Announcement: Retread Industry Fleet Award

11:20 Winner Announcement: Best Publicity Campaign Award

12:04 Winner Announcement: Employee of the Year Award

12:56 Winner Announcement: Business Innovation Award

13:41 Winner Announcement: Best Tyre Retreader Award

14:37 Winner Announcement: Best Tyre Recycler Award

15:07 Winner Announcement: Best Company Director Award

16:00 Winner Announcement: Spirit of Retreading Award

16:48 Winner Announcement: Tyre Pyrolysis Award

17:30 Winner Announcement: Tyre Repair Award

17:58 Winner Announcement: Business Breakthrough Award

18:39 Winner Announcement: Lifetime Achievement Award in the Tyre Retreading Sector

19:25 Comment from Ruud Spuijbroek, Former General Secretary of BIPAVER

24:50 Comment from David Wilson and Winner Hans-Juergen Drechsler

29:10 Winner Announcement: Lifetime Achievement Award in the Tyre Recycling Sector

29:27 Comment from Peter Taylor, OBE, Director of the UK’s Tyre Recovery Association

31:09 Comment from Ewan Scott, Editor of Tyre & Rubber Recycling and Winner Valerie Shulman

34:01 Comment from Nominations Committee Member, David Stevens, Managing Director of TRIB

35:39 Comment from Nominations Committee Member, Liana Shaw, Editor and Publisher of SA Treads

37:23 Comment from our Title Sponsor, Autopromotec’s Guido Gambassi

38:33 Richard Wilson and Charlotte Nahon Comment on Stand Out Nominees

40:09 Closing of the 2021 Recircle Awards

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