Plant Expansion Completed for LlancoNL


Vipal Associate Llantas Compañía, based in the Mexican city of Monterrey, has announced the inauguration of new facilities at its retread plant in the city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, which will double the company’s current production capacity from 3,000 to 6,000 tyres per month.

Plant Expansion for Mexican Vipal Dealer

The plant, which trades under the name of LlancoNL, was established in 2019 and has grown rapidly due to its location close to the border with the USA and a correspondingly high concentration of commercial vehicles.              

The official inauguration of the new unit took place on April 16, when the owners, collaborators and Vipal’s commercial team gathered for a small ceremony. Among the participants, for Llantas Compañía were Eng. Francisco López Stille, Managing Director; Lic. Nancy Gómez, Administrative Director; and Lic. Itzabo López, Purchasing Manager; as well as Lionel Orpineda, Vipal's Technical Advisor.

According to Vipal, the idea of ​​the plant expansion is to better serve the local market, which includes, in addition to Tamaulipas, the states of Nuevo León and Cohauila. The intention is also to expand the productive capacity of the retreader with a view to the recovery of the post-pandemic regional economy.

Nuevo Laredo is a city that borders the United States and, seeing how our neighbour to the north is recovering quickly, we are even more confident that we made the right decision. The property is large and the goal is to continue growing and making this one of the largest and most modern retread plants in Mexico, ”said Stille.

LlancoNL's commercial manager, Samyr López, also commented; "In addition to the expected growth, there is a commitment to increasingly serve our local customers better, which allowed us to build a solid foundation to face new challenges."

For Jean Barros, Vipal's Commercial Manager for the Mexican and Central American markets, the plant investment illustrates LlancoNL’s strength as a company as it continues to invest its resources to improve its offer to the market and consolidate its regional presence. "While many see the border as a barrier, LlancoNL sees a new opportunity," concluded Barros.

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