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Vaculug Offers Cyber Trading

Vaculug Cyber Trading

Vaculug, Europe’s largest independent retreader, now accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum for all payments for tyres and related services.

Vaculug takes Bitcoin and Ethereum

Vaculug will also sign its PPK and PPV fixed price contracts in CPK (Crypto per Kilometre ) and CPV (Crypto per Vehicle) formats if customers want to fix or link their contracts to the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Jason Humphries, IT Manager at Vaculug commented that; “Blockchain technology is not the future but the NOW. We believe that all companies will have to accept Cryptocurrencies in the near future and we are proud to be the first retreader to do so. We believe that being a customer-centric company we must move with the times and offer our customers more options than just pounds and pence. Moreover, this lowers the cost of transactions for all parties involved and provides more value to our customers.”

Sam Dunross, CEO of Dunross and Chan Limited commented; “We are proud to have partnered with Vaculug to develop the modules required for their industry-leading VMS management system to be able to receive secure payments through the blockchain. We have worked with specialist Israeli cybersecurity firms to develop the platform which we believe is the most secure in the industry.”

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