Automation Technologies Helps Provide Significant Growth for Lukatec


2021 was the best year in Lukatec's history, according to the Brazilian equipment manufacturer. In the company’s third consecutive year of growth above double-digit percentages, Lukatec grew 25.9% last year, while in 2019 and 2020 respectively growth of 16% and 15.2% over the previous year was achieved.

Double Digit Growth in Three Successive Years

For the first quarter of this year, the company projects a 48% increase in turnover compared to the same period in 2021.

“Several factors contributed to this positive result in recent years,” said the company’s founder Lucas Moeller. “As of 2014, we launched several solutions to ensure more efficiency and quality in the retreading processes, and as the tyre retreading market is very competitive, those who bet on innovative solutions have a great competitive advantage. As a result, demand for our technologies has increased. In fact, demand for Lukatec products continued to rise during the pandemic, as the road transport sector is essential for the country's economy.

“Automation and robotics technologies bring several advantages to the sector, with greater quality control and a more reliable retreaded tyre,” he continued. “In the end, society as a whole benefits, as a more reliable tyre results in safer roads and more efficient freight transport. There are also benefits for the environment. Today, for example, a retreaded truck tyre uses about 68% less oil than it takes to make a new tyre.

In addition to automation technologies, Lukatec equipment can be connected to the retreaders' management software, with information digitisation, cloud computing and real-time data processing. “In 2021, we participated in several projects in which we installed equipment already connected with the management software,” said Moeller. “The market is increasingly realising the importance of this interconnection of equipment to identify opportunities for improvement through data analysis, time optimisation, greater quality control and process customisation.”

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