Elgi Adds New Franchisee in Dehradun

Global Tyres

As part of their expansion drive into India’s Northern states, Elgi Rubber has added one more franchisee to its expanding network recently. The latest addition, Global Tyres, based at Dehradun (Capital of Uttarakhand), switched to Elgi from Indag at the start of the year.

Elgi Continue Expansion in Northern India

Global Tyres operates two sites in Dehradun, one inside the capital and another in the suburbs. “Our first plant came up in the 1970’s, retreading about 3,600 tyres yearly, and later as part of our expansion, a new site was opened in the transport hub on the outskirts of Dehradun in 2012, retreading 2,500 tyres annually,” informed Tushar Aggarwal, Director, Global Tyres.

Dehradun is located in the Doon Valley in the foothills of the Himalayas and has 10 retreaders. With the exception of Global Tyres all are categorised as being in the unorganised sector, operating with low volumes in a highly competitive price bracket.

Both the sites operated by Global Tyres function on six tyre autoclaves, custom built by a Delhi-based fabricator. “We are now banking the on Elgi product range, as it is a big brand, which has a lot of goodwill in the market. We hope as soon as business conditions normalise, the plants will start operating as in the pre-Covid phase and volumes will picks-up to cater to the pent-up demand,” said Aggarwal. 

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