Marangoni Retreads Westlake OTR Tyres

Westlake 29.5 R 25 CB763 casing being prepared for a second life at Marangoni’s retreading facility

Marangoni has recognised the retreadability of Westlake OTR Tyres. The Westlake OTR casings have now entered in the retreading process by Marangoni.

Westlake OTR Tyres Meet Retreading Requirement by Marangoni

Marangoni is a global leading retreading company based in Italy. It specialises in the manufacturing of TBR and OTR retreads.

The strong case design of Westlake OTR Tyres ensures that even after a thousand hours of tough working, the tyre casing is still in excellent condition for retreading and getting a second life. As a result, Marangoni approves of Westlake OTR Tyres’s retreadbility, according to ZC Rubber.

“With our mission to offer more sustainable products and improve the environmental footprint of mining operations, we are pleased that Westlake OTR casings have demonstrated that they can meet the grades required by leading retread companies to manufacture top-class OTR retread tyres,” a spokesman for ZC Rubber said.

Westlake OTR Tyres are more environmentally friendly thanks to ZC Rubber’s improved technology that helps to minimise cost per hour and reduce end-of-life disposal costs. The Westlake OTR retread tyres can provide up to 100% of the mileage obtained with a new tyre and equal performance for about 70% of the price of a new tyre.

Westlake brand offers an extensive range of Off-Highway tyres for vehicles in the Off-the-Road (OTR), industrial handling, construction, and agriculture sectors. As a main player in the OTR market, Westlake products are already operating in more than 160 countries.





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