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Vipal Launches New Machines at Pneushow

Vipal Machines at Pneushow

Vipal has announced several new innovations during Pneushow this year, in addition to celebrating the 25th anniversary in of the company’s partner network, the largest in Brazil with more than 200 authorised retreaders.

Dealer Network Anniversary Celebrated

Taking centre stage at the exhibition were two new pieces of equipment from Vipal Machinery: the builder machine VR 50-130 Cargo and the buffer VR01 Smart Uno C.

On display at the stand, the VR 50-130 Cargo has been designed to join the tread to the tyre casing before the vulcanisation stage, eliminating the presence of air between it and the tread, providing speed, and better finishing to the process. The building machine is used for retreading truck, bus, van, automobile, agricultural and OTR tyres. With the ability to adjust roller pressure to stitch the tread and shoulder of the tyre, the new Vipal machine has an automatic system for recognising these shoulders, guaranteeing the appropriate speed and pressure for the best finish in applying treads with or without wings.

The second new machine on display from Vipal Machinery at Pneushow was the VR01 Smart Uno C. This is an entry buffer, which guarantees quality and standardisation in buffing for the retreading process.

Meanwhile, Vipal also displayed retreaded tyres with the brand’s treads, with emphasis on the VL110LA, VT830, DV-MTE and DV-UM3 ECO tread patterns.

VL110LA is designed for fitment to trailer axles of super single or radial tyres. Its rounded shoulders with projected wings reduce the effects of sidewall dragging and still have low heat generation, providing less casing fatigue.

VT830 is indicated for the OTR and mixed segments on radial tyres on the drive axle. It has a reinforced centre, which gives excellent protection to the casing and minimises damage. Progressive radii at the end of the grooves offer excellent block anchoring, minimising the occurrence of block lifting.

DV-MTE is designed for OTR and mixed applications and is suitable for drive axles on radial tyres. It has high drive power and exceptional tyre chipping resistance.

DV-UM3 ECO is suitable for urban or regional use and is indicated for drive and trailer axles on radial tyres. This design has grooves to minimise the retention of stones and objects and provide better water outflow in the rotational direction, in addition to excellent mileage performance and resistance to wear and abrasion. The ECO version has a high-tech rubber compound, which provides lower rolling resistance, generating up to 10% savings in fuel consumption.

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