Newly Rebranded Retreadcast is Live with Edd Burleson from Central Marketing

Rebranded Retreadcast with Edd Burleson

Episode 21 of the newly redesigned Retreadcast sees Edd Burleson, the President of Central Marketing discuss a wide variety of topics facing the company and the retreading market from the impact of technology on the retreading market, to the role of sustainability in the US retreading market and how Central Marketing has adapted to the new working practices brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 21 Available for Viewing

In this episode of The Retreadcast, Richard and David additionally touch upon the effect that the war in the Ukraine is having on the retreading market in the country, but also across retreading in Europe.


00:00 Introduction to Edd Burleson: Focus on the Equipment Market 

02:31 Part 1: Interview with Edd Burleson, President of Central Marketing

02:54 Central Marketing’s Long-Term Relationships Paying Dividends

04:14 Investment in Retreading Equipment Remains at a High Level

05:43 How is Automation Changing the Retreading Business?

07:00 Richard and David Discuss the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Retreading in Country: Nokian Heavy Tyres, Vaculug and Yashina Ltd All Take Action

10:55 Part 2: Interview with Edd Burleson, President of Central Marketing

11:38 Burleson Talks About Growing Importance of Joining Sustainability Programmes and How This Can Bring Improvements to the Market

12:33 Central Marketing’s Strategy for Improving Cost Efficiencies for Retreaders

13:59 COVID-19: Burleson Highlights the Way Central Marketing Have Adapted to the New Working Environment

15:03 Central Marketing’s Key Plans for Next 5 Years

16:19 Conclusion to Edd Burleson: Focus on the Equipment Market

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