Retreadcast Episode 29 Published with Christina Guth from the Azur Network

In this episode of The Retreadcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Christina Guth, the CEO of Azur Network. Recently, Azur Network won the prestigious Recircle Award for the Circular Economy Award category in the Recircle Awards.

Watch our Interview with Christina Guth, the CEO of the Azur Network

David Wilson, the Publisher of Retreading Business caught up with Christina in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo Centre to learn more about Azur Network's journey towards becoming a leading player in the circular economy and their vision for the future of the tyre retreading industry.


00:00 Introduction to Episode 29: Azur Network: A New Force for Promoting Retreading's Green Credentials

01:39 Interview with Christina Guth, CEO of Azur Network

02:30 Christina Guth details the structure of the Azur Network and the goals of the organization

03:56 Christina Guth discusses the impact of the Azur Network's life cycle analysis on the market

05:33 How are the Azur Network going to achieve their goal of increases in truck tyre and passenger retreading?

07:03 Christina Guth analyses the Azur Network's plans for expanding outside of Germany

07:51 What events, activities and trade fairs are the Azur Network planning for in the next few months?

09:11 The outcomes and impulses from the Azur Meeting Programme

11:43 Christina Guth speaks about their success in the 2023 Recircle Awards

12:54 Conclusion to Episode #29: Azur Network: A New Force for Promoting Retreading's Green Credential


About the author

Richard Wilson is a correspondent for Retreading Business. Since 2015, Richard has worked as a correspondent for all of the titles across the Valebridge Publications Ltd Group namely: Commercial Tyre Business, Tyre & Rubber Recycling, The Tyreman and Truck and Bus News. Richard has worked on/off from the age of 16 for the company and whilst gaining a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and Business Studies at Coventry University, he developed his writing skills at the University paper and more recently writing his own independent blog.


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