Episode 27 Delves into Tyrexpo Asia with Alwin Seow

The Retreadcast hits episode 27 with a special preview of Tyrexpo Asia with Show Director, Alwin Seow. We look at the upcoming exhibition, Retreading Conference and the Recircle Awards Launch Ceremony.

Episode 27 Hits the Airwaves

The main interview with Alwin Seow covers the success in bookings for the show, the importance of retreading at the conference and upcoming launch of the Recircle Awards


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00:53 Introduction to Episode #27: Tyrexpo Asia and the Recircle Awards Gearing Up for 2023

02:10 Interview with Alwin Seow, Event Director of Tyrexpo Asia

03:23 Seow speaks about success in delivering a sold-out show for 2023

04:20 Advice for potential exhibitors who wish to exhibit at Tyrexpo Asia

05:00 Why is the retreading sector a key area for Tyrexpo Asia?

06:14 Seow gives some detail on the exhibitors from both the tyre retreading and recycling industries at the show

07:33 Details on the Tyre Retreading Conference due to take place on the 8th of March

09:33 What is the Tyrexpo Asia Hosted Buyer's Programme?

10:48 Alwin Seow underlines his hopes for the 2023 Recircle Awards Launch

13:15 Podcast hosts Richard Wilson and David Wilson take the mic to share all the exciting details on the upcoming Recircle Awards launch event

16:30 David Wilson goes through the plan for the Recircle Awards after the launch in Singapore

20:04 Conclusion to Episode #27: Tyrexpo Asia and the Recircle Awards Gearing Up for 2023

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Richard Wilson is a correspondent for Retreading Business. Since 2015, Richard has worked as a correspondent for all of the titles across the Valebridge Publications Ltd Group namely: Commercial Tyre Business, Tyre & Rubber Recycling, The Tyreman and Truck and Bus News. Richard has worked on/off from the age of 16 for the company and whilst gaining a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and Business Studies at Coventry University, he developed his writing skills at the University paper and more recently writing his own independent blog.

Contact: richard.wilson@retreadingbusiness.com

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