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                       Turkey Introduction
Managing Director Sadettin Ak. “We aim to fill a long standing gap in the market and offer a good option for retreaders around the world looking for an alternative supplier.”
Like many companies operating in the equipment sector, Akar Makina has interests in a number of industrial markets. Employing a total of 120 people at its two factories, the company operates through three main divisions - autoclaves/pressure vessels, tyres/retreading and project based
further growth by housing the company’s welding operations, whilst also allowing them to manufacture big industrial autoclaves.
With such a diverse range of industrial interests it is would be easy to envisage Akar Makina prioritising some of its other areas. Indeed, until recently the project- based part of Akar’s business had a higher percentage of turnover but, according to Sadettin Ak, the company has since realised the potential for retreading and over
      Managing Director Sadettin Ak (right) and Metin Ileri
Turkey lies at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. It is a nation with a long tradition of trade going back to Byzantine times when the Eastern Roman Empire outlasted the dominance of Rome. The country’s western boundary on the Bosphorus has long been the natural crossing point between Europe and Asia. In fact, annually millions of birds make their migration across this same area. Today, Turkey is an associate of the European Union and has been negotiating to join the European Union as a full member since 2005. As a trading nation Turkey has built a not inconsiderable level of trade. Turkish trucks can be found
throughout Europe and are not uncommon even in the UK. In terms of the tyre industr y, Turkey has developed a strong rubber market and is home to two domestic tyre manufacturing plants – Petlas and LASSA ( Bridgestone). It is also where much of Avon’s retread materials are produced in partnership with Rekor K aucuk. However, there are several domestic tread materials and tread suppliers and Turkey has a growing retread sector. Not only does it have a booming retread sector, it also has its own equipment manufacturers, the leader being Akar Makina, featured in this issue.
     Akarmak Spreads its Wings
manufacturing. Each of these is a profit centre in its own right.
One of Akar Makina’s main areas of expertise is in the field of autoclave technology. The company manufactures autoclaves up to 5 metre diameter and 50 metre length for glass, composites, building materials and sterilisation as well as for tyres and rubber, and naturally possesses all the necessary technical certification for autoclaves – CE, ASME, GOST (Russia).
A key strength of the company, says Sadettin Ak, is Akar Makina’s status as a specialist manufacturing company – not just a design house. “Our factory operations are divided into three distinct areas,” explains Ak. We have separate welding, machining and assembly units, which help us offer our customers a complete solutions package. We have had a good response within the tyre industry from major companies such as Michelin, Goodyear and Continental, who appreciate the factthatfromAtoZweareareal machinery manufacturing company.” According to Sadettin Ak, Akar Makina is currently preparing the construction of a third factory, which will allow
the last few years they have become serious about forging a position as a major supplier to the retreading industry.
“We started building up partners around the world,” say Ak, “and we saw that retreading was a stable and mature business. We also saw that Turkey only has a 25 per cent retreading penetration and realised that there was the potential to hugely increase this.”
Akar’s interests in the tyre retreading sector are split into truck and OTR operations. The company takes pride in the fact that it makes everything from inspection spreaders and monorail systems, to buffing and building machines. Akar Makina also specialises in turnkey projects for retreading plants, devising complete projects based on customer needs.
But how has Akar managed to penetrate a market dominated by a number of well-established technology leaders? Sadettin Ak explains the company’s philosophy. “A few years ago we noticed that there were not many options for mid to high range equipment segments in the market. Having recognised this gap, we decided to offer a
The global market for tyre retreading machinery is not a market that is generally subject to rapid change. The leading technology players supplying the sector are mostly well-established second and third generation family enterprises whose products have a long shelf life. So when a genuinely new player enters the market and, over a relatively short space of time, establishes itself as a serious player, it is time to sit up and take
Such is the case with Akar Makina, based in Eskisehir, Turkey, who in less than ten years have created for themselves a position as a one-stop shop for retreading plant machinery, supplying both turnkey retreading plants and design services as well as a comprehensive range of individual machines. “We offer European quality but with improved delivery times and better conditions including pricing,” says
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