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  Kraiburg Offers New Outer Envelope Range
TIA to Sponsor 2015 Global Retread Symposium
Kraiburg Austria is changing over its outer envelope range to the new, higher performance Kraiburg LD series with effect from January 2015. Whilst the average life endurance of an outer envelope in the first life is about 120 heatings, the new LD range (LD stands for Long Durability) is claimed to achieve a 60 per cent longer life without
having to change to the next size up. The envelopes can still be used without complications for further heatings even after 200 cycles. Vacu- um drawing on the transport hook is no problem either after just as many cycles. And finally, the envelopes can be applied and removed easily and can be heated totally without separating agents.
The Tire Industr y Association (TIA) has announced that it will host a Global Retread Symposium on Wednesday, November 4, 2015, from 3pm – 5pm during the Global Tire Expo – Powered by TIA at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
“Our goal is to gather retread associations from around the world to discuss issues that cross international boundaries and impact the industry as a whole,” said TIA President Freda Pratt-Boyer.
The purpose of the symposium will be to discuss:
• International issues such as taxes,
regulations, restrictions, and noise
• Safety standards on truck tyre
B&J Airbot Cool Tools
• New tyre issues that affect retreads • Passenger retreading
“Although details of the event are still being formulated at this time, we have reached out to a number of retread groups across the globe about their participation and the interest level is ver y strong,” said TIA Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield.
The event is being cosponsored by the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB).
  Vacu-Lug Adds MTP
Budget Range
UK based retreader Vacu-Lug has announced that from January 2015 it will begin distributing a new budget range of off-the-road (OTR) tyres.
The new range, named MTP, is produced by Magna Tyres Group, and will act as their official budget brand, affirming the message that it is possible to offer a quality product to customers on a lower budget.
        Taray Updates Milling Equipment
When repairing off- road tyres the specially
4" and
6" B&J
according to
B&J Rocket.
The Airbot tools of the Swiss company not only convince with a unique design but also by the way they perform their job: aggressively,
 Taray International has announced that it has invested in upgrading its facilities with newly installed state- of-the art cnc- milling machines and automatic welders to increase and improve its expandable rim refurbishing programme.
The company says it can offer ongoing excellent quality and speedy service as well as having a beneficial core credit programme and being willing to buy used or damaged expandable rims, according to spokesman, Mark Gelman.
efficiently and reliably. In
addition, due to the “open” design, they provide
substantially better cooling, which leads to a longer service life.
“We know from our customers that the Airbots work much cooler and last sometimes up to twice as long as comparable standard buffing tools” says Betsy Hansen, Key Account Manager B&J Rocket America. B&J puts a lot of emphasis on the continuous development and improvement of its tools, which are used daily in retread shops. Hansen adds: “The 4" and 6" Airbots are a perfect example of that”.
Airbot OTR tools are available in 2 sizes:
Art.No. 132184-16 4"x1/2"
16 grit AIRBOT, 1/2" AH
Art.No. 132155-16 6"x1/2" 16 grit AIRBOT, 1/2" AH
Art.No. 132168
AH Adapter for 3/8"

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