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MARANGONI ANDCEAT ANNOUNCE STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP IN INDIA Lakshmi Narayanan B, CMO of CEAT Limited (right) with Matthias Leppert, COO, Marangoni Group following the signing of the strategic partnership Marangoni S.p.A. has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Indian tyre manufacturer CEAT Limited with a view to offering innovative and reliable tyre retreading solutions in the Indian market. COMPANY REPORT  Through this partnership, the two companies aim to expand their franchi- see network, ensuring broader access to high-quality, reliable retreads tailored to customers’ specific applications. According to Marangoni, the synergy between both companies’ expertise and customer-centric approach will drive continuous innovation and deliver superior value to commercial vehicle fleets across India. Speaking on the partnership, Matthias Leppert, COO, Marangoni Group, said, “Marangoni is looking forward to joining forces with CEAT in order to propose a premium retread to Indian customers starting from the high quality CEAT tyre (casing) and Marangoni’s RINGTREAD technology. This will be an important step to improve the competitiveness of Indian transport companies. Based on this experience, CEAT and Marangoni in- tend to explore common opportunities in other markets too.” Lakshmi Narayanan B, CMO of CEAT Limited, added, “CEAT and Maran- goni have joined hands in a powerful collaboration aimed at revolutionis- ing the truck and bus tyre industry. By combining CEAT’s superior truck tyres and cutting-edge casing technology with Marangoni’s high-quality retreading, this collaboration promises superior quality and performance to the customers. Beyond profitability, the partnership also emphasises sustainability by extending tyre life through advanced retreading tech- niques, making a positive impact on the transport and logistics industry’s environmental footprint. Together, CEAT and Marangoni are steering the industry towards a more profitable and eco-conscious future.” Limited said, “CEAT and Marangoni have joined forces in a game-chang- er partnership that aims to revolutionise commercial tyre solutions. Through this collaboration, we plan to offer a one-stop solution for pre- mium commercial tyre customers, providing top-quality products and services to optimise fleet operations while reducing overall costs. With CEAT’s expertise in tyre manufacturing and distribution combined with Marangoni’s extensive experience in retreading and fleet management, the alliance is set to meet the evolving demands of the commercial tyre industry. Together, we are committed to delivering sustainable and eco- friendly solutions to drive efficiency and environmental responsibility.” Hemant Kaul, CEO, Marangoni South Asia, said, “In a highly demanding CV tyre market, customer needs can be better met by providing an ideal mix of new tyre, retread and service. The association between Maran- goni and CEAT is a great combination of two experts getting together to provide enhanced value to our common customer. CEAT’s customers will now have access to Marangoni’s high-quality retreads, while Maran- goni’s customers who do not already use a CEAT tyre can be attracted to this unique combination. I look forward to working with my colleagues in CEAT to make this a defining partnership in the Indian market.” With its extensive presence and a strong reputation for delivering quality products across India, CEAT Limited has become a trusted brand in the tyre manufacturing industry. The company’s focus on customer-centric solutions has earned it prestigious accolades, including the Deming Award and the Light House designation. Saurav Mukherjee, Senior VP, Global Sales and Supply Chain, CEAT   P.16 

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