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rations by manufacturing tyre retreading machines to meet the needs of our customers and improve productivity. Could you please assess Vipal’s current position in the global market in its main areas – tyres, repairs, retreading rubber, equipment and accessories? Vipal Rubber is a consolidated brand in the global market and is among the leading companies in its segment. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of tyre retreading rubber globally and a leader in commercial tyre retreading in Latin America. Vipal has over 3,000 employees, operates 15 distribution centres strategically located worldwide, and has a presence in over 90 countries across five continents. With a portfolio of over 4,500 products, Vipal Rubber stands out as the only company globally offering a complete line of products for the retreading and repairing of passenger, commercial, agricul- tural, and off-the-road (OTR) tyres. What events are planned to celebrate this anniversary? In the month of its anniversary, July of this year, events were organised for employees in all units. These were significant moments to strengthen bonds with our staff and express our gratitude for the hard work and dedication of everyone, which has been fundamental for the company to reach its 50th year successfully. At the administrative headquarters in Brazil, Mr. Arlindo Paludo, the current chairman of the board and son of Vipal’s founder, Mr. Vicencio Paludo, participa- ted. Additionally, the company launched a commemorative advertising campaign for its 50th anniversary, employing a multi-channel strategy. The centrepiece of this campaign is a 60-second video in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, narra- ting Vipal’s journey through different roads travelled by the brand over time. What message would you like to give your resellers and end users on this anniversary? Frederico Schmidt and his team from Vipal Europe celebrate the 50th anniversary COMPANY REPORT Training at the Vipal Technical Centre The success of Vipal Rubber is the result of a lot of work, de- termination and appreciation of all the people who were and are part of our history. Looking at the milestones of this tra- jectory and seeing how much we have grown and conquered space during these five decades is highly gratifying and ex- citing. And we share this achievement with all our partners, suppliers, employees and customers. We were born to be together with our customers and partners, offering the best solutions to generate savings and high performance for com- panies through tyre retreading, and that is how we want to continue developing. What hasn’t Vipal achieved yet? What still needs to be done to strengthen the company’s position further? Vipal Rubber still has a lot to achieve in its history. One of the company’s vocations is to generate employment opportuni- ties for the community, offering better living conditions. This is in the Company’s DNA. One of the objectives is to expand its market share in the markets in which it operates and access others where it still needs to have a presence. Additionally, always optimise our product portfolio and ability to meet the needs of different markets is a constant work that we perform to achieve grea- ter customer satisfaction and thus improve our position. What’s next for Vipal? We aim to continue growing while maintaining our products’ quality and customer service excellence. Vipal has always in- vested heavily in innovation and technology, one of the se- crets to supporting the company’s continuous development and creating more efficient, environmentally friendly, advan- ced products and processes. The company’s relationship and care for our customers are also fundamental, prioritising our partners and working collaboratively to solve their challen- ges. Furthermore, the internationalisation of the company is a reality. We want to expand our presence in more countries, continually exploring new markets. And now, towards the centennial celebration.     P.26 

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