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  REGRIP TO INTRODUCE SCRAP TYRE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME Indian retread company Regrip is floating a new idea targeting the unregulated scrap tyre segment in India. The company says it is working on structuring the development of a scrap tyre management programme centred around procurement, pricing, scrap segregation, logistics etc. The Gurgaon-based company has already made waves by creating the country’s first re-engineered tyre brand ‘Regrip’. COUNTRY REPORT - INDIA    Suniel Shetty (left) with Regrip founder Tushar Suhalka Currently in India, there is no formal channel for the disposal of end-of-Life tyres. In the heavy commercial vehicle tyre segment, major fleets sell used tyres to unorganised informal local scrap dealers and there is no pricing structure for scrap tyres in India, making it a grey area. “Scrap dealers sell used tyres to illegal brick kilns and non-licensed pyroly- sis plants,” explained Tushar Suhalka, Director, Regrip India Pvt Ltd. “Regrip intends to formalise this unorganised supply chain, starting from the pro- curement of used tyres from consumers and ending with their disposal via a network of registered recyclers.” Regrip has designed a technology-driven model for the collection of tyres. “We have built deep tech around procurement, pricing, scrap segregation and logistics, which helps us in managing the whole supply chain,” said Su- halka. Regrip is the first company in India to utilise computer vision technology in the scrap tyre management process. The company’s platform is claimed to be smart enough to read the tyre’s condition from the image and suggest a fair market price of the same. To promote recycling to the general public, Regrip has built a reward plat- form for consumers. In the value chain when the customer gives their scrap tyres to Regrip, other than the fair market price for their tyre, the customer is also awarded with a “Green Ambassador Certificate – A special honorary appreciation for being a responsible citizen and disposing the tyres formal- ly”- as well as redeemable reward points against the purchase of new tyres. Regrip’s range of branded retreads have also built a network of channel partners to collect these tyres and act as Regrip collection centres,” he added. The scrap management programme is already fully operational and was launched for the company’s partners on 15th August. BOLLYWOOD STAR INVESTS In the meantime, Regrip has also announced that Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty has agreed to invest in the company in order to help strengthen its brand visibility and work with company management in improving quality processes and operations in India. The announcement marks a significant milestone for both the entertainment and sustainable business industries. During the promotional event announcing the partnership Suniel Shetty demonstrated his commitment to environmental responsibility and circu- lar economy and showed a keen interest in the Regrip product. “We’re not just redefining the concept of re-cycled, safe, economical high-quality tyres but also contributing to a greener future by reducing waste and maximising the lifecycle of each tyre,” he said. “By embracing innovation and sustainable practices, we can create a better world for gen- erations to come.” Tushar Suhalka added, “We are extremely pleased to align ourselves with Suniel Shetty, and now our mission is to reshape the tyre industry and cre- ate a sustainable future. Together, we can build a world where old tyres find new life, and environmental stewardship drives innovation.” “This way consumers are directly reaching out to us,” said Suhalka. “We  P. 34 

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