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COUNTRY REPORT -KENYA    A GO-TO SOURCE FOR TECHNICAL ADVICE AutoXpress is led by Eric Kihoro, a seasoned Retread and Tyre Management Business manager with over 25 years’ experien- ce in the sector. He is Bandag, Bridgestone, Goodyear and Mi- chelin trained, having worked with various retread franchisees in Kenya and Tanzania. AutoXpress is a Multi Brand retreader using 51% Vipal products. “Eric’s leadership has led to AutoXpress Retreading Division becoming the number one go-to source of technical advice and retread services in Kenya during its almost 10 years of exis- tence,” Shah told Retreading Business. AutoXpress prides itself in providing fast, efficient, and truly superior service with an identifiable difference, emphasi- sing an exceptional customer experience. While it caters to all types of customers ranging from individuals, SMEs, taxi companies, corporates, transporters, garages and resellers of tyres and auto parts, its main customers are largely large truck fleets who operate on regional applications. The company has a production capacity of 2,500 tyres per month covering all of Kenya. AutoXpress’s products and services are particularly relevant to the Kenyan market, which is dominated by low budget tyres. Shah told Retreading Business that the firm is faced with price pressure from other retreads and due to some fleets buying low budget tyres that are not suitable for retreading. The company’s short-term goal is to expand its capacity by 40% in the next quarter as a result of the implementation of new equipment.      Solutions for the Rubber Industry Retread & Repair Systems Expandable Rims & Hubs Retread Process Equipment Rasp Blades & Hubs Brazed Carbide Tools Gums, Adhesives & Sealants Tire & Tube Repair Products Elgi Rubber Company Limited S.F No. 164/2, SIDCO Industrial Estate ● Pollachi Road ● Kurichi ● Coimbatore 641 021 ● Tamil Nadu ● India ● +91 (422) 232 1000 ●           

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