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 VIPAL RUBBER SUPPLIES TYRES FOR HONDA MOTORCYCLES MANUFACTURED IN BRAZIL Vipal Rubber has announced that it has become the official tyre supplier for some models of Honda motorcycles ma- nufactured in Brazil. Honda is the mar- ket leader in the Brazilian motorcycle segment.AccordingtoVipal,theHonda CG 160 Fan will become the first model to be fitted with Vipal tyres, receiving the Street ST600 80/100-18 (front) and Street ST600 90/90-18 (rear) tyres, both tubeless. Throughout the month of June the first units of the CG 160 Fan fitted with Vipal tyres began to arrive at local dealerships. “It is with great joy that we celebrate this very valuable and important part- nership for the company, a moment that ratifies our relevance and quality in the production of tyres for two-wheelers,” commented Felipe Henzel, the Manager of Vipal’s two-wheeler business unit. “The segment is growing and last year, about 1.4 million units were produ- ced, according to data from Abraciclo. The year 2023 represents a moment of great optimism in the industry for an even greater evolution, with the expec- tation of producing 1.5 million motorcy- cle units, according to the Association’s projection,” he added. NEWS EXTRA         #1 in Performance, Quality & Value Technology Leader... Today, Bridgestone-Bandag, Goodyear, Marangoni and Michelin all use enveloping technology developed by Presti. More than 10,000,000 tires are retreaded annually using the Presti Enveloping Technology. + 001 215-444-9901 •  Bridgestone-Bandag, Goodyear, Marangoni and Michelin are registered trademarks. 

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