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COMPANY REPORT    One of the automated tyre building cells introduced earlier this year automated spraying process provides process control and consis- tency. According to Tony Mailling, the next developments product wise at the plant will include the expansion of cap and base tyre building, in- creasing the company’s range of low rolling resistance tyres and the expansion of the Continental Gen 5 range. In the meantime, plans for investment in equipment include the expansion of robotic skiving, the introduction of automatic press loading, the introduction of 3D and optical technologies, and the au- tomation of the buffing process via controlled sidewall removal and optimised tread removal. OPTIMISED RESOURCE MANAGEMENT There is also an increased focus on energy saving and resources in and around the plant including the addition of LED lighting, the implementation of condensate heat recovery, and the use of solar energy (rooftop solar panels have already been installed and pop-up solar panels are planned. In addition, the plant continues to focus on reusing its resources where possible. Buffing dust from the plant is now sent to Stöcken for processing into recycled rubber compound at the company’s re- cycling plant. Meanwhile, the company stresses that all this innovation has not resulted in any job losses. Indeed, as part of its Vision 2030 strate- gy programme, Continental has committed to an ambitious goal of becoming the most progressive tyre company with regard to eco- logical and social responsibility by 2030. At the end of the decade, Continental aims to have more than 40% renewable and recycled materials in its tyres, with a drive to achieve 100% renewable and recycled materials by 2050 at the latest. The ContiLifeCycle pro- gramme is an important step on the road to fulfilling these core sus- tainability goals. The automatic spraying facility provides both process control and consistency One of the automated pick and place units in the casing sorting area    P.8 

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