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 ALAGYAD COUNTRY REPORT - UAE  FOR TYRE RETREADING ABU DHABI     Aly Shokier (Inset) Abu Dhabi is living through a massive construction boom, which strongly affects consumption and demand for tyres. Aly Shokier, the Founder of the Alagyad Tyre Retreading factory, believed in retreading from the perspective of reusing tyres and offering them back to end users at lower prices than new ones to serve a second life. Before starting the company, Aly Shokier worked with his own hands in tyre repairs. In 2007, Shokier appointed Eng. Abdullah Alhag to oversee fac- tory operations, particularly the financial department. Eng. Al- hag has extensive knowledge of Abu Dhabi’s transport and tyre market, focusing on the harsh conditions tyres face in the con- struction sector, often in off-road, high-temperature desert envi- ronments. He also keeps track of the evolving transport market, noting that tipper trailers constitute 40% of Abu Dhabi’s trucking market, followed by tanks and cement silos at 20%, with other truck applications making up the remaining 40%. Additionally, the UAE government strictly enforces highway payload regula- tions through nationwide weighbridges and fines for overloaded vehicles. Private-sector transporters dominate the transport industry, with public-sector companies often outsourcing. Trucking com- panies typically maintain fleets ranging from five to fifty trucks.   P.22 

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