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VIPAL AND VACULUG COMPANY REPORT  PROMOTE THE SECOND EDITION OF BRAZILIAN DAY     In Brazil’s Independence month, Vipal Rubber and its leading partner in the United Kingdom, Vaculug, promoted the second edition of Brazilian Day. Held on September 9th in an outdoor space in Grantham, England, the event featured games and gastronomy. More than 200 people, including members of the Vipal commercial team, Vaculug employees and their families, participated in the action. Carried out to promote integration between employees of the two companies and their families, the action strengthens ties between the teams and allows the exchange of experiences in a relaxed environ- ment. The interaction contributes to further strengthening the 17- year partnership between Vipal and Vaculug. The general manager of Vipal Europe, Frederico Schmidt, recalled that “Vaculug is a strategic and extremely important partner for Vipal”. He added that “moments of exchanges like this further strengthen the bonds between our teams and promote a more collaborative and in- novative environment”. “Vaculug does remarkable work in the UK and has a synergy of values and commitments with Vipal,” said Schmidt. Vaculug’s Chief Financial Officer, Nimesh Purshottam, emphasised the importance of the strategic alliance, not only in the United King- dom but globally, given the relevance of both companies. “In our meetings, we were able to clearly see the potential of the teams and how capable we are of joining forces to serve international markets effectively in a globalised business world”, highlighted Purshottam.   P.28 

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