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                                                             VISION We accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing industry towards carbon neutrality MISSION We leverage our own technology to implement the idea of a circular economy, eliminating the consumption of fossil-based raw materials COMPANY OVERVIEW Contec is the operator of a continuous pyrolysis plant processing end-of-life tires (ELTs) Warsaw Equity Group (WEG) launched Contec in 2015 as a venture building project - in the same year it received a grant from NCBiR for the development of a tire pyrolysis plant Thanks to its unique proprietary technology - Molten and know-how developed over the years, Contec is well positioned to become the European supplier of choice for recoveredConBlack (rCB) and ConPyro(rOil). Contec’s Pilot Plant is located right next to Germany and the Baltic Sea, allowing for seamless logistics with large markets Contec has validated its technology and products with external partners and clients, and is now ready for full commercialisation                                                          P.41                                                 

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