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WITH MARANGONI RINGTREAD TYRES, 74% LESS CO2 EMISSIONS AND 77% LESS RESOURCE CONSUMPTION NEWS EXTRA  In collaboration with the De- partment of Industrial Engi- neering at the University of Trento, Marangoni conducted a comprehensive life cycle assessment for a retreaded 385/65R22.5 truck tyre using the RINGTREAD BLACKLINE WSS 300 M. This study aimed to compare the environmen- tal impact of a retreaded tyre with that of a new tyre for the same application. The findings revealed significant environ- mental benefits of choosing retreaded tyres over new ones. The production of a retreaded tyre is inherently more resource-effi- cient, consuming considerably less energy. What may come as a sur- prise to many in the tyre industry is the extent of these differences. The life cycle assessment examined eleven environmental categories, with retreaded tyres showing lower environmental impact across the board than new tyres. Key findings from the assessment include a remarkable 74% reduction in CO2 emissions for the retreaded tyre, equivalent to 310 kg of CO2 that would not be emitted compared to using a new tyre. Other signifi- cant reductions were observed in the use of fossil resources (77% low- er), raw material extraction impacts (75% lower), particulate matter emissions (55% lower), water consumption (83% lower), acidification potential (70% lower), and ozone layer depletion (74% lower). These results underscore the environmental benefits of retread- ed tyres, advocating for their use as a greener alternative. The study adhered to the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, utilising the Si- maPro Version 9.4 Multiuser software for calculations, assuming that the rolling resistance and mileage of retreaded tyres match or surpass those of new tyres. This assumption was deemed “cautious” yet vali- dated by measurements. Considering the significant environmental savings, Marangoni’s find- ings present a compelling case for opting for retreaded tyres over new ones, highlighting their role in reducing environmental impact.        ITT - tire testing with Shearography            LMS - manual to fully automated Marking   

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